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Why is it impossible to repeat a test within a short range of time?

CyberScan is not a laboratory tool but an energy medicine device, based on Quantum Physics.
If one does a test, the energetic momentum is taken into account by finding the results.
The outcome is a true result that includes everything that could influence the client's energetic field.
If one tries to test in a short range of time again, the result will be different because EVERYTHING within the client's
body and his environment has changed. Actually, it changes constantly so - by doing the test - we'll get a momentum
picture. The user of CyberScan has to use that momentum picture for treatment. It is true and correct. Everything that comes up with a new test before at least 72 hours will include changes caused by the first test.

The CyberScan is not a device where you can measure simple things like Volts or Amperes and every time you test that you'll get the same result. CyberScan is measuring the morphological field of a living body, a field that will change constantly. For that reason we use a special protocol to takes that into account and gives the immune system an overall picture of the energetic imbalances in the body, causing diseases and symptoms. CyberScan is also not a simple testing device, but a CE-Class IIa, FDA- and TGA-certified medical device.

Of course, with an old programmer's trick it is possible to repeat a test over and over again. The trick is that the test and the results are locked to a name, a date of birth or both.
To find out is easy. If one has done a test with name or DOB, go back later to repeat that test. Before you start the new test ask to change name and DOB. With this knowledge you will not be surprised that the new test is different (or will not performed at all)!

We at AussiMed don't like to play games. For that reason there is no repetition of tests within a short range of time.