Ergonomically correct software and intuitive usability....

We have developed our CyberScan in a way that in addition to high demands on energy medicine, we also put greatest emphasis on user friendliness.

The medical practitioner can learn the application of CyberScan in one to two days. He/she is then able to successfully use the system in his/her practice without any additional exercise.

The software is designed in a way that the comprehensive manual only needs to be consulted on rare occasions.

Extensive digital training library.

All aspects of the software are plausible.

The five modules (CyberScan Today, Patients, Database, Test Assistant and Therapy) are constantly present and can be reached from any module via mouse click at any time.

The print-outs of the session for your patients can be completely edited, and can thereby be individually geared to your needs and your practice.

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