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Why can't I find any great graphics in the Cyber Scan software ?!

The answer is simple.

Some of our competitors boast of being able to represent the course of a measurement with sophisticated graphics. Here are images of organs or functional areas and a luminous and / or blinking dot located therein suggest that this device right now is testing this organ or this functional area.
That's nonsense, of course, because such a device does not exist - and thus such software. It is more akin to beautiful computer games as a medical device and its only purpose is selling, without providing any real and useful information.
Cyber Scan works differently. When starting the software the whole database is loaded into the computer's memory and in the CyberScan device. This gives CyberScan an enormous test speed and one can test up to 50,000 signals at once.
Since "beautiful graphics" is nothing more than a nice gimmick, we think that we can do without this with a medical device in favor of speed and accuracy.

CyberScan users around the world appreciated these benefits greatly.