Informative Medicine with CyberScan

Extreme fast and precise tests, diagnoses and therapies

  • Quantum-Response-Technology
  • CE-certified Medical Device class IIa
  • registered in USA (FDA), Australia (TGA), South Africa
  • latest electronics and software
  • clear design
  • safe operation ("crash free")
  • high measuring accuracy
  • no unintentional influence or impact by user or patient/client
  • can help the practitioner in finding a holistic Diagnosis
  • can help the practitioner with holistic therapy by scalar waves
  • Color therapy
  • comprehensive and editable database with nearly 135.000 informative signals
  • extension of the signal database by the user
  • database includes dentistry
  • database includes veterinary medicine
  • database includes agricultural applications
  • report templates editable and customizable
  • continued treatments at future patient's visits
  • testing of substances (hair, urine, blood, medications etc.)
  • no electric current through the patient's body
  • no electro-magnetic signals
  • continual seminars for ongoing knowledge enhencement
  • Made in Germany
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