Measurement - Diagnosis - Therapy

- as easy as "1-2-3"

1- Measurement of the morphogenetic values of patients takes place within seconds. Unlike other EAVs or CEDs, there are no
metallic surfaces, and no electric currents. The contact time of the patient with the device is therefore very short. This can be a big plus,
particularly with restless children or, for instance, in the case of epileptics.

If a patient is not physically present (babies, bed-ridden or patients at a great distance away), the patient's morphogenetic values (ES = energetic sample) can be read from the patient's hair, urine or blood via an additional measuring device.

The readings of the patient's ES values are compared with the signals contained in the data base of the CyberScan.

Unlike using EAV/CEDS, the insertion of balancing EM-signals into the patient's body creates no change of the values, which can eventually lead to a wrong result. CyberScan coordinates each signal with the once memorized ES-values of the patient.

2 - Diagnosis with CyberScan is not witchcraft anymore.
As highly-qualified tool in the hands of the physician or alternative practitioner, it provides valuable assistance in determining a correct diagnosis. Rather than subjective descriptions by the patient of often misleading and ambiguous symptoms, the result of the scanner investigation could help to indicate the causal problems.

3 - Therapy without risks and side effects is really the objective of every health professional. The ultimate objective is to help human beings and animals without making them sick or endangering their lives.

A therapy with the CyberScan means to equalise the imbalances within the body and help to remove disturbances in the immune system. Self-healing powers are activated and optimized. The successes thus achieved is usually more spontaneous and long lasting than a treatment via medication or invasive interferences.

A certified training and our advanced seminars ensure that you can use your CyberScan to the fullest and achieve maximum possible success.

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