This is the CyberScan Software:
Start-up page
Client page
Client details
Groups and Sub-Groups
Test Wizard
Main Test
Color Tuning
Balancing Module
Anamnesis Temp
Potency Database
The pictures shown are samples only and do not reflect the real content of the database or the client base. Please ask your distributor for more details and a hands-on demonstration of the CyberScan. It will be very exciting to browse through more than 1.600 groups and sub-groups with 100.961 informational signals.
The CyberScan software has 5 Modules which are accessable at all times. No jumping around through many menus and sub-menus. Also, in this Window you can select the client you want to work with.
The Client Module gives the overview over all the clients and access to the client details.
The Client Detail Window contains everything about that particular client, even the testing history. Many different sub-Windows can be used to gather all the information necessary.
The Database Module contains all the informational signals in many groups and sub-groups. The informational signals are later compared to the client sample to find out which signals could be used to balance the energetic system.
The Database Module contains even far more sophisticated features, like References - to build a Expert System. Please, ask your distributor for more information.
Groups and sub-groups containing all the informational signals.
The Module "Test Wizard" gives a choice of performing a Main Test, Potency Test or Color Tuning.
The Main Test give a choice of different types of testing. Also in this area we can determine different pre-settings for the tests.
With CyberScan it is possible to do Color Tuning tests and later balance the client with colors and sound.
The results of each test can then been used to balance the client in different ways.
To make life easier for the ladies on the front desk, there is an editable Anamnesis Template.
There are many pre-defined potencies, but you can add your own or change the existing ones.